Data Center Solutions Houston

How we'll help

Take your Data Center to the next level, make the most of your space and avoid downtime that can lead to financial loss for your company… RBS takes pride in planning, organizing and implementing data centers and telecom rooms. RBS provides data center solutions in the Houston area. 

 – Virtualization has grown to be a huge cost saver for companies small and large. These days you can purchase one server and literally virtualize multiple servers on it and have them backed up and retrieved quickly.

 – Weather it is an application server, domain controller, exchange server, file share server or some other setup RBS has experts in all Microsoft Server platforms and can help your company implement and deploy those servers

 – Storage devices are getting smaller, more cost effective and faster. 

 – Loosing vital information from hacks or building loss can be devastating to a company. When your data is backed up and secured offsite it leads to a less stressful network environment.

 – Organizing a disordered closet’s wires can make it easier for technology relating troubleshooting, free up space for additional equipment and guarantees a professional look.

 – Having battery backup can help reduce downtime while your power is out. If your power goes out your server and network racks can stay up for a period and allow them to be turned off correctly. Battery backups can also allow your generator time to restore power to your building with no interruption.