Network Security Houston

Why it's so important

Network security is a vital part of your computer network environment and is put in place to protect your data, computer functionality, personal information, client information and applications. If properly implemented it targets and stops threats from entering or spreading across your network. Network security has multiple layers of defenses designed to block malicious users from entering and only allowing authorized users to gain access. Businesses want to protect their employees, customers and most importantly their reputation from being attacked. We provide these network security services in the Houston area.

Data Loss Prevention
DLP makes sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside the computer network. This is most often done by implementing a single or multiple variations of software products that will control what data is transferred from the network environment.
User Education and Training
RBS can train your staff on how and why companies can be infiltrated and what they as employees need to be doing to help prevent attacks. Email phishing, Drive-By Web Downloads, USB Key Malware, Password Guidelines, Wi-Fi Compromises, Inputting info into online websites, Password Reset Exploits and the simple “Do Not Share Your Password Rule”.
Web Security
It is vital to secure your confidential data that is shared or stored online from unauthorized access and modification. Applying stringent policies will keep the data intact and help prevent hackers from acquiring your sensitive information. RBS can modify and monitor your web applications and websites so they meet the correct security standards.
Wireless Security
Making sure that you have a secure wireless network is a necessity. We are in a wireless world and there are many devices that can scan for wireless networks and gain access to them. If installed and configured correctly, your company will be more secure and generally you will see an increased connection speed.
Virtual Private Network
VPN is a network that is setup using the public internet to connect to a private network. When setting up a VPN connection it needs to be done with the highest level of encryption, security and authorized user setup. 
Network Segmentation
Most networks have everything connected to one or a set of switches and they all share the same IP addresses and bandwidth. With Network Segmentation, you split up your devices to each have their own sub-network. By moving your VOIP phones to their own sub-network they will no longer share the same bandwidth and function
Antivirus and Malware Software
Selecting the correct Antivirus for your desktops, laptops and servers can be a daunting task because there are so many options to choose from. Some antivirus and malware software applications can work well but slow your computer. RBS will give your business different options and monitor the devices your antivirus is installed on.
Email Security
Strong passwords, password rotation, spam filters and Anti-virus are among the leading ways to secure your emails. Always be knowledgeable about email phishing and when not to click on links. RBS can input another layer of email security by implementing email encryption. 
This device grants and rejects network traffic between a trusted and untrusted zone based on predefined rules put in place. The Firewall also is where the VPNs are created and in most cases where the network segmentation is defined and subnets are created. RBS has the knowledge to deploy and configure your firewall so that

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