IT Consulting and Support Houston

How we'll help

As your IT Consultant, we can help in many ways by advising, planning, designing and installing many aspects of Information Technology. As your local business management solution, we can be your outsourced IT support that saves your organization money. RBS specializes in technology project management and will be your adviser for all technical needs. We provide IT consulting services in the Houston area.

Some examples of ways we can help:

* Help Design the layout of your new office and where equipment, network drops and phones should be located.

* If you have slow wireless in different areas of your building or slow throughout we can come onsite and survey your building a suggest and install a better solution.

* Maybe you have a website that you want to have built and you do not know where to start, RBS will walk you through the process and can host, build, develop and maintain your site.

*Troubleshooting and Computer/Network IT support Houston.

What is an IT Consultant?

We are advisers that partner with businesses to help them improve the computer network infrastructure and make it more efficient.  RBS IT Consultants will come onsite to your business do a comprehensive examination of your network environment and then provide details on how to improve and make more secure.